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About OneCussion

Suffering a concussion taught me something. I learned that your brain is not just another organ, a simple biological tool. Your brain literally is you. After my injury, I realized that my brain wasn’t functioning correctly. I wasn’t thinking, feeling, or behaving like myself. Diving into the science gave me an entirely new understanding of my own brain and the process of healing allowed me to rediscover myself.
— Josh Robertson, Co-founder, CEO

Our mission 

We are a collective voice sending a clear message to the world that concussions and brain diseases are massive problems that affect many, and we are ready to solve them. We are an advocate for athletes, families, and sufferers on a mission to improve conventional medicine with innovative solutions and paths towards preserving good health for ourselves and our loved ones. We offer a comprehensive understanding of your most incredible organ, and ways that you can improve and preserve your future. When a new understanding is achieved, people take better care of themselves, and often go on to help others. Injury and age-related neurodegeneration are two of the most significant concerns of our generation, and we believe that with a brand-new mindset, we can change the course of history.


Industry Expertise

The passion and love Dr. Martha Grimm brings to her work sets the standard for everything we do at OneCussion. In 2013 Dr Grimm created the first concussion clinic in Plano, Texas to help the countless patients going without proper treatment and follow up. She has since gone on to enact change in the Emergency Department, spreading awareness and improving the system. Since opening her concussion clinic she has utilized cutting-edge research, imaging diagnostics, and treatment techniques to achieve a new level of patient care that’s nearly impossible to achieve by current industry standards. In 2017 Dr Martha Grimm was awarded Hero Doctor of the Year, and was a winner of D Magazine’s Best Doctors in Dallas.



Who We Are


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Co-founder | CEO




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