Everything we know and experience begins in the brain, but every brain is different. We believe those who know better, do better. Go beyond surface-level knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of your brain as it develops throughout life as well as during times of trauma and disease. Prepare to take your new perspective for a spin through life.



We are born with around 100,000,000,000 brain cells, each one with the potential to generate as many as 15,000 connections. That’s 1.5 quadrillion  connections! We once thought this level of development was our maximum potential, but we now know that the brain continues to evolve well into our later years. With a powerful brain that is cared for throughout life, the possibilities are endless.


Life is one great big adventure, and with our bodies in constant motion comes the chance to take a spill or jolt ourselves. Oftentimes head injuries are unavoidable, but science tells us the long-term repercussions ARE avoidable. Properly managing even the most minor head injury could drastically improve our quality of life in the future. Brain injury science has come a long way, and it’s giving us the knowledge we need to perform and feel our best.


Our brains are equipped with an internal defense system that protects us throughout life. But, how does it work, and what is it defending us from? Having the proper knowledge and know-how to maintain this system gives us the opportunity to make every moment unforgettable. We believe the brain is our most valuable asset, and it’s never too late to protect it.