Alzheimer’s - The 6th Leading Cause of Death in America

Among the Top 10 leading causes of death in the nation, Alzheimer’s Disease is the ONLY one we can’t cure or prevent.


In just 9 years, Alzheimer’s Disease rose from #12, to #6 on the list of killers. During this period of time, deaths from Alzheimer's increased an astounding 89%, while cancer deaths rose only 7%. 

The top risk factor for developing the deadly disease is AGE, which means that INCREASING LIFE EXPECTANCY is not all fun and games.  


Once you turn 65 years old, your chance for developing Alzheimer’s Disease DOUBLES every 5 years. This means, by the time you turn 75 your chance for developing Alzheimer’s has more than QUADRUPLED.


If we gathered all of the 70 year olds in the nation who DO NOT HAVE Alzheimer’s, only 30% of them are expected to pass within a decade.

Among all 70 year olds who DO HAVE Alzheimer’s Disease, 61% are expected to die within the decade.


What is the Cause of Neurodegenerative Disease? 




Have you ever experienced a head injury?

Studies show that even a SINGLE concussion injury increases your chance for developing Alzheimer’s Disease. On average, if you play professional football your chance for developing Alzheimer’s is 4 TIMES HIGHER than the average person. This is not a surprise considering ONE-THIRD of NFL players are expected to develop long term cognitive problems.


The crazy thing is, there are NO TANGIBLE SOLUTIONS to prevent such diseases, whether you’re an athlete or a part of the general aging population. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!


Stay tuned as we take this cause HEAD ON.


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