Josh Robertson is a passionate entrepreneur and proponent of natural medicine, functional movement, and osteopathic philosophy. He is the voice and visionary behind OneCussion, and the author of the Concussion Playbook. He studied Biology and Sports Medicine at Texas Tech University, worked professionally as a personal trainer, and has meshed with some of the most innovative doctors of this day.


Josh’s passion is driven by his own experiences while recovering from an acute concussion injury, which occurred during the same period of time he worked at a concussion clinic. Often unable to leave his dark room due to cognitive fatigue, headaches, and sensory over-exposure, his recovery led him through periods of struggle and isolation. From the darkness came a clear understanding of the lack of products, services, and awareness surrounding concussion recovery. Through extensive research and self-experimentation, he has evolved as an innovator while gaining an entirely new respect for the brain he once took for granted.


Josh brings an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to the concussion management ecosystem. He’s passionately obsessed with the brain, and it’s significance in shaping who we are now and in the future.