Chase Mayeux | Co-Founder | COO


Chase Mayeux was impacted by neurodegenerative disease at a young age, watching a number of family members endure the heartbreaking stages of Alzheimer's Disease. This made him question the typically understood nature of aging and become fascinated by the brain's development throughout life.


His knowledge of brain pathophysiology was further expanded while working with Co-founder, Josh Robertson, during his time at the concussion clinic and as a concussion patient. Seeing this side of recovery caused a shift in Chase’s perspective, allowing him to understand the true nature of the brain’s vulnerability, and remarkable potential to heal. Having felt the adversity of watching friends and family members suffer, he became determined to save others from experiencing the same helplessness. Chase has bared witness to the gaps in awareness within organizations and institutions, understood the need for a new understanding on concussions, and because of this has dedicated himself to the social progression of brain health awareness.


Chase earned a dual degree in Marketing and Management from Texas Tech University and has gone on to set company records as a top performer at organizations like University Directories and Cintas. He is a charismatic leader with a passion for helping others to discover their purpose, achieve their goals, and live much more fulfilling and happy lives.